Fabulous Fifi

‘Saggars, Bricks and a Henny Penny Farthing’

A ceramic exhibition of unique framed porcelain imagery.

“My new body of work celebrates the potteries and the clay industry whilst also creating a narrative around themes of metamorphosis, memory, nostalgia and storytelling. The exhibition location has been chosen because of the area’s pottery industry history. My aim was to create backdrops of nostalgic industrial ambience with a juxtaposition of theatrical figures bursting out of the work.

My figurative sculptural work has more life, complexity and urgency, whilst my framed work provokes more tranquil settings. My aim was to merge both my framed work and sculptural work together, the concept of producing three-dimensional sculptural work to be hung on a vertical surface. My work has taken a journey to effectively extend out of the frame, thus leaving a more tactile surface for the viewer to enjoy.

My practice is concerned with the exploration of clay whilst also investigating the possibilities of a crossover of materials between glass, wood and metal. I embrace the techniques and tradition of clay but am always attempting to push the boundaries of this versatile medium. Most of my work is built with paper clay, which often challenges the pre-conceptions of the clay process. Colour and texture are essential to produce my work. With the combination of glass, enamels, oxides, glazes, slips and coloured clays I have acquired many special techniques to produce the vibrant colours that are necessary for my creations.

I predominately engage my artwork on my surrounding environment and have been heavily influenced by interpretation of places I have travelled to. By producing literal places advancing from landscape to urban culture and more figurative imagery, I feel this has been an ongoing process to explore the infinite possibilities of materials and to produce unique framed sculptural work. My work often has a dream like quality and floats between the realms of fantasy and reality. The transition from my early work has derived from the introduction of sculpture and exploration of material.

The stories and tales I have been creating in this new body of work involves the construction of figurative ceramics with themes of theatre, drama, drag queen and king culture, storytelling, nostalgia, metamorphosis and identity.

Ultimately, I am now attempting to create a theatrical atmosphere for these performers.
Enjoy the show! “

Shauna McCann